Earlier today, Obama campaign surrogates in New Hampshire — Ned Helms and Martha Fuller Clark — “decried” Bill Shaheen’s comments that Obama’s past drug use would be a liability in a general election.

I am sorry to hear that Shaheen apologized. First, what he said is true. Obama’s marijuana and cocaine use is a liability and Democrats need to think twice about nominating someone who will become a poster child for “drugged out liberals.” Worse, he has utterly failed to show any moral leadership on this issue when discussing drugs and alcohol abuse with kids.

Second, I have been getting calls here at home in New Hampshire from the Obama campaign. In conversation about their main opponent, they do not hesitate to smear Hillary Clinton and lie about her record as Senator and First Lady.

The last call attacked her leadership skills based on the health care reform efforts back in the early 1990s. Health care reform failed, he said, because of Hillary’s mismanagement of the project. I had to remind the Obama worker that it was the well-financed efforts of the health care lobby and the dirty tricks of Republicans like Bob Dole and Phil Gramm that killed health care reform. It was not Hillary’s lack of leadership.

Here are a few “realities” about health care reform that Obama supporters should know about:

Hillary Clinton’s Health Care Reform, Part Two
Who Killed Hillary Clinton’s Health Care Reform?

Obama and his people want to take a “holier than thou” stance in this campaign, but the Senator and his campaign are flawed, vulnerable, and not above playing their own dirty tricks.

Nominating Obama would be like handing the GOP the Presidency on a silver platter.

Bill Shaheen: you did the right thing! And we need more truth-telling about Obama.