La Cucina Italiana, the Villoresi Version 

You might recall that several weeks ago Frank Marafiote wrote a rather long-winded though impassioned guest commentary about recent changes at his favorite magazine, La Cucina Italiana.

(You can read his original commentary here.)

Frank, as you might have guessed, was not happy. Neither were many other readers. This blog has had numerous hits on that story and comments from readers who also were not pleased with the changes.

I am delighted to inform everyone that La Cucina Italiana is taking the feedback to heart. Yesterday we received a very helpful comment from the general manager of the magazine, Jacopo Barioli.

Here’s what he had to say:

Dear All,

I would like to assure you that the publisher of La Cucina Italiana is very open to suggestions from readers, and has already made some changes to the magazine. Readers have said that the font size on the recipes was too small, and it will in future be bigger; readers have complained that there was no recipe index, and it will be re-introduced.

Reading your feedback, I understand that the magazine should be about food, and not “James Bond design”. Guess what? Yes, the design story is gone as well! The January/February issue of the magazine will be about Italian, traditional food and how to make it. Just like you want it to be. I ask you to give us one more chance to prove to you that we are listening, and trying to give you the magazine you want and love.

Yours sincerely,
Jacopo Barioli
General Manager
La Cucina Italiana

My thanks to all of you who commented here or directly to the magazine. Also, my thanks go to my partner, Frank Marafiote, who tried to put into words what many others were feeling.

Personally, I hope that people will give the magazine another chance. Since the former editor, Paolo Villoresi, is also still publishing Italian Cooking and Living, I think it would be fair to evaluate both magazines and make a choice based on what pleases you most.

Of course, you could read them both!