It was only a matter of time.

With the incredible amount of anti-Hillary invective thrown into the mainstream press by professional Hillary-haters, a man described as “mentally ill” has strapped on a bomb, walked into a Hillary Clinton campaign office in Rochester, taken hostages, and is threatening to harm himself and everyone around him.

Rochester is about 40 minutes down the road from where I live, and I am thankful that the volunteers in that office got to go home, safe and sound.

Some of the reports on this story come from CNN, Fox News, and the Union Leader.

According to a video feed from WMUR 9, the suspect is locally known in Rochester, and earlies told his son to “watch the news.” And they are now saying there there IS still a possibility that there is one, or possibly more, hostage(s) inside.

WGAL 8 has uploaded a video of an interview with a witness, which you can see at:

And here’s a nearly incoherent Carl Cameron of Fox News interviewing a kid whose father knows the suspect. In this story, the suspect is claimed to be “not right in the head.”

We also ran into this post from another far right, anti-abortion lunatic who thinks he is Edward R. Murrow reporting from the scene in Rochester. Like most on the far right, he has no opinions of his own, but simply parrots back what he sees on TV or reads on other blogs. After reading a few semi-coherent paragraphs, it is easy to understand why people who are mentally ill believe the government has planted something in their heads. 

Earlier today we received the email copied below from one of Hillary’s foremost character assassins, a man who could also be called “mentally ill,” Robert Morrow.  Using the anti-abortion rant to incite others to commit violence is not unheard of. In this case, Morrow is claiming that Hillary wants to “kill babies” because “it’s God’s law.”

Put those thoughts into the head of another, armed mentally ill person and it would not surprise me if that’s what it took to cause today’s crisis in Rochester.

Hillary says, while in AME Church:

 “It is God’s Law to Kill Babies”



            On Inauguration Day, 1993 (1-21-93 ), Hillary told pro-life activist Lurleen Stackhouse “IT IS GOD’S LAW TO KILL BABIES,” after Lurleen had said “Hillary, it is against God’s law to kill babies.” [Author’s note: if there is a lightening storm, I sure don’t want to be standing anywhere near Hillary Clinton!]

            Pro-life activist Lurleen Stackhouse went to a pre-inauguration prayer service at the AME Church in Washington , D.C. on 1-21-93, a few hours before Bill was to be sworn in as president. After the service concluded, Lurleen gave her anti-abortion message to the Clintons:


            “When the service concluded we were asked to stay seated until the President and Mrs. Clinton departed for the White House. However, as they walked down the aisle I stood and reached out for Mr. Clinton. ‘Mr. Clinton, America must stop killing babies.’ He looked at me with a blank stare on his face. I repeated this statement to him.

            “Hillary (not hearing my comment) then came to give me a hug and I said (in a voice only audible to her), ‘Hillary, it is against God’s law to kill babies.’ She stepped back, shaking and trembling, and then grabbed my arm. Her countenance transformed from a pleasant demeanor to the appearance of being possessed . Her eyes were enraged as [Hillary] replied, ‘IT IS GOD’S LAW TO KILL BABIES.’

            “I drew back in shock at this blatant and revealing statement. I fully expected her to say, ‘It is God’s law for women to have a choice,’ or other pro-death rhetoric. But no, she was bold and blatant, while still standing “On Holy Ground” in the sanctuary. I would not have believed it if I had not heard it with my own ears. I walked out with General Colin Powell. As the Clintons got into their limousine I approached the car. Through the glass I continued to plead with Mr. Clinton to stop killing babies. Again, he had a troubled stare.”

                                                [Texe Marrs, Big Sister is Watching You, p.51]




--   Robert Morrow