According to a report in the Laconia Citizen, New Hampshire state reps Beth Arsenault and Gail Morrison, and County Attorney Jim Carroll have tossed their support to Barack Obama.

I don’t think there was ever a possibility that these local politicians would support Hillary: they are friends with and surrounded by an ABC (Anybody But Clinton) contingent, starting with Beth Arsenault who came out against Hillary even before Hillary set foot in New Hampshire as a candidate, and Gail Morrison, close friend of anti-war activist and Belknap County Democratic Chair, Lynn Chong, who is supporting Edwards.

Most disappointing is Gail Morrison’s decision. She is a friend of a friend and I am told she is very well respected, bright, humane, a very nice woman.  I guess even good people make bad choices.

Could Hillary have used her help? Sure. Does it make any difference that she is not getting it. Nope.

If Hillary runs into problems over the next few months it won’t be because Chong, Arsenault, and Morrison, are working for someone else.

The real sharks in the waters are people like Bob Novak and the Arkansas Loonie Tunes, who have the unrelenting passion and money needed to wound Hillary. Novak, as you know is spreading stories about Hillary’s “Dirty Tricks,” a la Richard Nixon.

They say an elephant never forgets. The elephant, of course, is the symbol for the Republicans. Hillary worked as an attorney on the Nixon impeachment, and many conservatives still do not know what all that fuss was about, and believe Nixon was treated unfairly. Even though it has been some 35 years, that angry white Republican elephant (aka Bob Novak) has neither forgotten nor forgiven. Novak must be enjoying the potential historical symmetry if he can catch Hillary at the same dirty tricks that destroyed Richard Nixon.

Sorry, Bob, you are going fishing and pulling up nothing but weeds. The Clintons are too smart for you. They have proved that over and over and over. To make any progress against them, you will have to lie, make something up. Is revenge worth  a perjury conviction, Bob?