Pam Anderson 

In another small victory for local wild animals, a hunter shot himself in the foot this morning in Laconia, New Hampshire. He was taken to a nearby hospital.

This is reminiscent of another hunting mishap we reported in which a New Hampshire hunter shot another hunter while on the prowl for wild turkeys. As a vegetarian, I could not help but feel delight that the turkey escaped unharmed.

I don’t know if Tofurkey is the answer to the real thing — some babies can’t change their own minds, much less their Neanderthal behavior. But there are alternatives to killing wildlife to feed yourselves on Thanksgiving Day. Visit the PETA blog for some ideas! In the photo above, that’s vegetarian Pamela Anderson serving Tofurkey as a Las Vegas soup kitchen.

You can also read our plans to go “cold turkey on Thanksgiving.”

Of this latest, foot-shooting incident, the local paper reports:

Authorities say a hunter who accidentally shot himself in the foot has been transported to the hospital for treatment.

Police, fire, and N.H. Fish and Game officials were called out to the area near the N.H. Department of Corrections Lakes Region Facility on a report of a shooting around 7:45 a.m.

The state prison grounds are adjacent to Ahern State Park and the hunter reportedly was taken out of the woods in that area.

Fish and Game officials are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the shooting.