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Despite the best efforts of Edwards and Obama to hypnotize the media with their repetitive rants about Hillary Clinton “saying what voters want to hear, and not what she believes,” the polls in New Hampshire show that Hillary’s lead is both impressive and solid.

As CBS reports, “Clinton’s support in the Granite State is solid.”

As contentious as Iowa is, the next state on the campaign calendar, New Hampshire, is far less competitive. Among likely Democratic primary voters, Clinton has 37 percent support, putting her 15 points ahead of Obama. Among Republicans, Romney continues to dominate. He was backed by 34 percent in the poll, while John McCain and Giuliani both trailed at 16 percent. All other candidates were in single digits.

Clinton’s support in the Granite State is solid. Though 52 percent of voters say they could change their mind, 62 percent of Clinton supporters “strongly favor” the New York senator and former first lady. As in Iowa, her experience is the top reason people are supporting her.

One reason the Obama-Edwards character bashing of Hillary is not working, is that it simply has no basis in reality. Indeed, Hillary has taken the high road on a number of issues — the Iraq war, for example. To repudiate her support for our mission in Iraq (as opposed to the Bush Keystone Cops implementation of the war) would have been the most unprincipled, yet politically expedient, thing for her to do. Over and over, Democratic activists clamored for her to cave, and she didn’t.

Locally, Lynn Chong, chair of the Belknap County Democrats, lambasted Hillary on that issue on the very day Hillary announced her candidacy. Lynn — no surprise — has since thrown her support to Edwards, an unprincipled trial lawyer that few voters trust.

Let’s also recall an AP Poll that was taken a few months back on the issue of character. As Obama and Edwards rightly point out, character is important to voters. What they don’t mention is that Hillary Clinton leads on the “character” issue.  

Here’s how it played out in our report:

The latest Associated Press poll shows that Hillary Clinton’s unwillingness to “disown” her past support for the Iraq war is creating confidence in her honesty and character among voters.

According to AP poll results announced today (reported in the Huffington Post), 55% of voters say that honesty and character are more important than specific policy positions.

On that key trait, Hillary Clinton has a considerable lead over all other Democrats:

“Among Democrats, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York leads with 38 percent, followed by Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois at 21 percent. Former Vice President Al Gore is at 14 percent and 2004 vice presidential nominee John Edwards is at 10 percent. The rest of the field is in single digits.”

The Edwards-Obama strategy seems to be 1) Take down Clinton any way they can, even if it means lying about her, and 2) Make the lie big enough and say it often enough, and maybe people will start to believe it.

Sorry, boys, but you need a new strategy because this one isn’t working.