For any of the locals in central New Hampshire, Bob Bahre and the NH International Speedway are icons. They love Bob, NASCAR, and the money it brings to New Hampshire. (From what I hear, Bob is building the biggest and baddest mansion north of Boston in honor of his entrepreneurial foresight in creating NHIS. They have had to hire six painting companies to get the work done on time!)

It’s not Rake’s way to waste an afternoon sitting in the hot sun watching those souped-up Match Cars go round and round, but to each his own.

Now the track has been sold, to someone from Texas. As long as it doesn’t mean George Bush will be moving here, too, I don’t really care.

The one black spot — pun perhaps not intended — is that Bahre invited Don Imus to perform at his racetrack right in the middle of the I-Man’s “nappy-heady ho” controversy. As we noted at the time, 99% of New Hampshire is white. It’s a great statistic if you want to invite a racist to entertain red necks who like boring racing cars wasting fossil fuels. It is not a great statistic if you want to defend the New Hampshire primary.

In any case, this, evidently, is who we are: fun-loving white NSACAR racists who will welcome the new owner, his money — and Imus — to Loudon.