With the Democrats slowly distancing themselves from legislation mandating an immediate withdrawal of American troops from Iraq, I thought I would re-post my reminder about why we sent troops to Iraq in the first place.

I have never bought into the Bush rationale that we were invading Iraq because Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. In fact, it has been my position that Bush attacked Iraq because he knew exactly the opposite: that Iraq did not have WMD. That vastly reduced our risks from a military standpoint.

Back in February, 2005, I wrote:

The ONLY reason Bush was brazen enough to attack Iraq was that HE KNEW THEY HAD NO WMD.

President Bush took a lot of heat for not finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which was his stated reason for attacking that country. Of course, when no WMD was found, the President blamed the intelligence community. Rake suggests that the only reason Bush had his little duel with Saddam was because he knew the evil tyrant’s gun wasn’t loaded. Taking some political heat at home was a small price to pay for having an excuse to invade and knowing we would win without a WMD catastrophe.

Although there were no WMD, there were humanitarian reasons for ousting Saddam Hussein. Jeff Jacoby called it “Saddam’s Shop of Horrors.” Most of the information I had about Saddam’s systematic torture and oppression of the Iraqi people came from that “right wing,” “pro-George Bush” organization, Amnesty International.

While I believe there was ample justification for removing Saddam from power, I make no excuses for the gross incompetence of George Bush and his administration in the way they got the job done.

The following offers some background and AI links to Saddam’s totalitarian regime:

While doing some research on the Iraq war, we came upon this fascinating piece by Boston Globe journalist, Jeff Jacoby, found on the web site for the Iraq Foundation.

From what I can tell, Jacoby’s story is precisely what the far left, anti-war Democrats would like us to forget about Iraq.

We would also call attention to these articles by Amnesty International detailing the torture and repression of the Iraqi people by Saddam Hussein: 2002 International Report – Iraq and Iraq – Systematic Torture of Political Prisioners.

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