Chance and Friend Taking a Snooze! 

I was pleased to get an email from PETA today reporting that Michael Vick, the NFL quarterback found guilty of killing dogs as part of his dog-fighting operation, has taken a course called “Developing Empathy for Animals.”

According to PETA president, Ingrid Newkirk, Vick contacted PETA in early September to apologize for to “everyone for what I have done to dogs.” Vick returned two weeks later to take the PETA course.

As noted on the PETA web site, PETA has not changed its position that Vick deserves jail time for what he did:

. . . although PETA realizes that it is in his legal interests to take PETA’s course in basic animal empathy, our position that he deserves jail time and a lifetime ban on animal contact remains firm.

PETA is also asking the National Football League to make the course on “Developing Empathy for Animals” mandatory for all NFL players. More about this story and a petition can be found HERE.

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