Newt Gingrich

Admittedly, we got our hopes up.  But Newt read the writing on the pages of blogs like ours. He now says he will not become a candidate for the GOP presidential nomination.

He got the message: his past was not going to go away.

If anyone truly believes he is not running because he wants to help America “face issues,” please understand that Newt knows that if he runs for president he will lose the election and end up broke and disgraced. This way, he gets to keep his foundation, and end up financially comfortable and disgraced.

We’re really bummed. We were more than ready to do unto Newt what he likes doing to others: screw them! Just yesterday the Dick Morris fanatics were coming to Newt’s rescue (Newt and Morris — Two Pervs in a Pod). We were looking forward to that discussion, but now Newt is gone and we don’t get to remind people that Morris was arrested for biting a prostitute, and Newt is an adulterer, etc.

We’re sad.

RIP: Newt Gingrich.

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