I can already hear the Democrats singing, “Happy Days Are Here Again!”

Word is out that Newt Gingrich will run for the GOP nomination if he can raise $30 million by October 21. Having Newt as the Republican candidate facing Hillary Clinton would be a dream come true.

The knock against Hillary — now quickly fading — is that she is too polarizing to be a viable presidential candidate. In the past eight months she has set the record straight and reassured many Democrats and moderate independents that she is level-headed, open-minded, and possesses the leadership abilities needed to be president. 

With Hillary no longer contending for the “Most Polarizing Political Candidate Award,” the clear front-runner is Mr. Contract On America, Newt Gingrich. Other than Rush Limbaugh, I can’t think of a single, well-known member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy who evokes more disdain and contempt from moderate Americans than Newt.

There’s another plus. . . .

Newt is an admitted adulterer and emotional batterer of women. 

One of my fears is that the Right Wing will use Bill Clinton’s extra-marital affairs as a way to attack Hillary. No doubt they are eager to saturate the airwaves with video of President Clinton denying that he had an affair with “that woman,” Monica Lewinsky.

With Newt in the game. . . Poof! Problem gone! 

Although hypocrisy never stopped Newt or the VRWC from doing or saying whatever they want to score political points, attacking Hillary via Bill Clinton’s affairs would be too much even for most Republicans to stomach.

I am rooting for Newt to run. Unlike Hillary, Newt is a bona fide extremist, a bomb-throwing right-winger who would literally be handing the Democrats the White House if he became the GOP candidate.

To quote the naked Emperor, George W. Bush, “Bring it on!”

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