Alicia_Silverstone_Naked_Ad_Oreilly.jpgRake is still catching his breath!

Just this afternoon we received an email from our favorite animal rights organization, PETA, about their various blogs.

After scanning a few postings down The PETA File, our political instincts honed in on a reference to Fox’s Bill O’Reilly and a segment he did recently with PETA.

It didn’t take long for my other instincts to notice that the posting included an alluring photo of a naked woman promoting her vegetarianism. A click on the photo took us to Alicia Silverstone’s PETA web page. Take a look!

Back already?

OK, I am not a hormone-ravaged teen and have been in the presence, let’s say, of one or two truly beautiful women in my lifetime. Silverstone’s PETA homage is breathtaking and transcendent.

I became a vegetarian probably before this woman was born. It’s great to be in the company of such young wisdom, even it is from a safe cyber-distance.

For a list of other famous vegetarians (besides Alicia and Rake), go to Famous Vegetarians.

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