According to the New Hampshire Union Leader, former Gov. Jeanne Shaheen will be a candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2008.

The Democratic former three-term chief executive is expected to issue a statement today addressing her political plans.

While it’s unclear exactly how the statement will be phrased, sources say Shaheen has decided to seek the seat held by Republican John E. Sununu, who defeated her in a bitter 2002 contest.

Earlier this year, Shaheen’s husband, Bill Shaheen, extorted concessions from Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in order to support her campaign.

In our story about Bill Shaheen’s shake-down of Hillary Clinton, we wrote:

In the latest case of political extortion, Bill Shaheen, husband of the once-popular three-time Democratic governor, Jeanne Shaheen, announced his endorsement of Hillary Clinton. From a citizen’s perspective, Bill Shaheen’s public service to the people of New Hampshire has consisted primarily of sleeping next to Jeanne Shaheen and holding her hand while she squirmed over the state’s education funding crisis (which she ultimately ignored). For playing that pivotal role, Bill is considered a state Democratic party power-broker, having worked on the Carter, Gore, and Kerry campaigns. His latest mark is Hillary Clinton.

No doubt Governor Shaheen’s greatest failure as governor was a failure of backbone — of putting politics over principle — exactly what Hillary Clinton is not willing to do herself.

For years, New Hampshire waited for an equitable solution to the education funding crisis and Jeanne Shaheen seemed the one positioned to do something about it. Instead she played a political game by offering solutions she knew darn well no one would accept (gambling), then she stalled and talked, stalled, and talked, and today our kids still receive a second-rate educations — not Shaheen and her friends’ kids, mind you, who can afford private high schools and colleges.

It is particularly upsetting that Hillary must get in bed with this failed Democrat who made too many compromises to either do something or stand for something to be effective. And now her husband, a professional hanger-on, has extorted a role in the next Clinton Administration.

Their collective shame hangs like an acrid pall over all of them

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