Seems the last New Hampshire poll by the American Research Group was an aberration. It showed Hillary and Obama in a statistical dead heat.

Perhaps helped by Obama’s careless remarks about anything related to foreign affairs, Hillary is back in the lead again in New Hampshire by a huge margin.

Hillary also has formidable leads in Iowa and South Carolina as well.

As reported on the ARG web site, the details look like this:

Among men in Iowa, Hillary Clinton is at 25%, John Edwards is at 22%, and Barack Obama is at 22%. Among women in Iowa, Clinton is at 30%, Obama is at 23%, and Edwards is at 19%. Among men in New Hampshire, Clinton is at 31%, Edwards is at 17%, and Obama is at 17%. Among women in New Hampshire, Clinton is at 43%, Obama is at 17%, and Edwards is at 11%. Among men in South Carolina, Edwards is at 33%, Obama is at 31%, and Clinton is at 19%. Among women in South Carolina, Clinton is at 43%, Edwards is at 17%, and Obama is at 13%.

Anyone who said that women will not vote for a woman for presidents needs to rethink that assessment. In moderate South Carolina, woman are heading towards Hillary in droves, by more than a 2 to 1 margin over Edwards, her nearest competitor there. Hillary also gets 43% of the women’s vote in New Hampshire.

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