The saga continues. . . .

Back in May we reported with mildly surpressed delight a hunting mishap in which a flock of New Hampshire turkeys escaped harm while a hunter shot, non-fatally, a fellow hunter.

We cheered the turkeys. In response, some hunting groups came after us with tomahawks raised, eager to chop off our graying vegetarian heads.  They said they couldn’t understand our attitude against hunting. Of course, they can’t. 

Sexually whirred up with animal blood and their pack morality, they will never see that human evolution is moving away from the primordial instinct to kill and eat flesh, to an awareness –supported by our science and growing spiritual ethics — in which all creatures are seen as an expression of a Higher Power’s consciousness.  

In any case, we have more bad news for the hunters. A New Hampshire grand jury has now indicted the hunter that caused all the mayhem.

According to our local paper:

Daniel L. Keniston, 46, of C11 Spruce Drive in Belmont has been indicted by a Belknap County Superior Court grand jury on charges that he abandoned a wounded human being, shooting a human being while hunting and reckless conduct.

You can read the full story here.

As for our position regarding hunters, we really don’t want to see them get hurt — or hurting themselves as is more likely the case. On the other hand, fewer hunters living out their Neanderthal fantasies means that more innocent creatures will survive to see another day.

Our previous story on this hunting accident is here. We also wrote some time ago about the connection between child abuse, human violence, and vegetarianism, in a posting called All Physical Discipline of Children is a Form of Abuse.

You can also find a link to PETA on this blog.

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