With all the fuss that some commenters are making about my post concerning Sarkozy’s confrontation with the local press, I thought I’d add a link here to an online forum used mostly by people who live or summer around Lake Winnipesaukee.

My favorite comment:

I don’t think anyone is supporting the press or the Paparazzi for their obnoxious invasion of privacy. Most would agree that these idiots are rude, inconsiderate, sensationalizing buffoons that give all forms of media a bad reputation. However, I do believe that the majority feel that “Napoleon” Sarkozy is an out of control idiot that should have considered his position as the leader of a powerful nation before he had a childish temper tantrum on the world stage. He has no justification for his outlandish behavior in jumping aboard this or any boat, and frankly I’m stunned that his security team, or secret service, even allowed him to do this. Sarkozy came to the US for a vacation and a little R&R, that’s true… and a couple of clowns took his picture after he asked them not to, is that really worth all of the negativity he has created through his own actions? At least nobody burned his Nation’s Flag or an effigy of him, which you know would absolutely happen if the President of the USA went to France.

Winnipesaukee Form Discusses French President Sarkozy’s Visit to Wolfeboro.

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