As a blogger who routinely throws out my opinions and analysis of political events, it goes without saying that I like it when I can delude myself that anyone other than a small group of like-minded geeks really cares what I write.

From every perspective I can think of, those who attended the YearlyKos convention are so self-involved and narcissistic, any legitimate media editor who places more value on their collective pronouncements than on the wisdom found on tea bags, ought to be fired.

You know how much influence those Kos bloggers are having up here in New Hampshire, the country’s first primary state? None! There’s nothing they have written or done that the voters here either know about or care about. And that includes my own little gnat attacks!

Today I read the screed of another mirror-face, who boasted about asking the only question of Hillary that created “tension” at the convention break-out session.  “Wow! Tension! Look at me, Mommie! I made a stinkie! Aren’t I important? Aren’t I good?”

Don’t delude yourselves boys and girls, you are not running this nomination or the election. Hillary will be the nominee. She continues to show principle and judgment in the face of a very complex political and military environment in the Middle East and you call it “ruthless triangulation” because you don’t like her answer.

My belief is that most Americans are not the dog-eat-dog dogmatists that you are and understand that if the answers seem simple (i.e. “just get out of Iraq”), then you’re not asking the right questions. And you aren’t. That’s why neither the VRWC* nor the left-wing Democrats are going to get their way this time around.

So, continue your verbose circle-jerk. The campaign goes on, Hillary will continue to show her strengths as a candidate, the GOP will continue to look to the past for answers, and America’s future will keep looking better and brighter.

* Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

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