Live by the polls, die by the polls.

I expect it will be this way for months to come: each campaign breathing a sigh of relief or worrying themselves to death as each new poll is released.

Yesterday, we mentioned the latest New Hampshire poll showing Hillary slipping and Obama gaining. Today, in a national Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll taken after the YouTube/CNN debate, just the opposite is happening: Hillary is increasing her lead over Obama.

According to Reuters:

Forty-three percent of Democratic respondents said they preferred the New York senator and former first lady over other Democratic candidates in the 2008 contest, up from 39 percent in June, the poll showed.

That put Clinton even farther ahead of chief rival Obama, the Illinois senator who slipped from 25 percent in the June poll to 22 percent in July. Clinton and Obama have sparred in recent weeks, trading accusations last week over foreign policy positions.

Hillary got some other good news today in New Hampshire, where she dearly needs to do well: New Hampshire Speaker of the House, Terie Norelli, endorsed Clinton and will serve as co-chair of the New Hampshire campaign.

Although Norelli does not wield the clout of other Democratic leaders, her endorsement is especially important right now. As we have reported here previously, a vocal faction of New Hampshire Democrats are stridently anti-Hillary because of her refusal to repudiate her Iraq war vote. Beth Arsenault and Lynn Chong are two notable examples. Norelli will bring a few party leaders still sitting on the fence over to Hillary’s side.

Right now, it all helps.

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