It’s been a few months since Hillary Clinton stopped using her maiden name in official campaign communications. Seems you have to go to politically-incorrect New York and her Senate web site to find references to her maiden name. From the little that has been mentioned in the press, it seems few people are sorry to see the Rodham go.

We found an old piece on the Brisbane Times web site (we P.I.s get around!) about the name change:

Laurie Scheuble, a sociologist at Pennsylvania State University who has studied the choice of last names by married women, says Clinton’s decision to drop her maiden name puts her in sync with the vast majority of married women in America.

“To most people, family means everyone having the same last name,” says Scheuble, author of “Trends in Women’s Marital Name Choice: 1966-1996” and “Attitudes Toward Nontraditional Marital Name Choices.” “She’s doing the right thing politically to appeal to the most voters. She’s conforming to the social norm.”

Imagine, Hillary Clinton a conformist. Somewhere I have a quote from her mother wistfully regretting that her young daughter wouldn’t wear make-up. I bet she wears make-up now, too.

I remember what a fuss was made when Hillary started using Rodham as our new First Lady. From what Rush and other conservatives had to say about it, you would have thought that the White House had become a haven for bra-burning feminists. Maybe it did. At least that’s when the “Hillary as Lesbian” stories started to appear. We did some speculating of our own at the Hillary Clinton Quarterly, thanks to author, Liza Featherstone, and her article, Hillary and Her Girlfriends: Out of the Closet and Into the Rumor Mill. 

We also had numerous press inquiries about the name of our publication: were we going to change it to the Hillary Rodham Clinton Quarterly? Editor Marafiote said, “No!” but I think the decision had more to do with the idea of fiddling with the masthead than any political or social considerations. Plus, he’s more conservative than some of his political rants would suggest. You could ask his ex-wives. In retrospect, though, it seems he made the right decision (about the Quarterly, not his wives).

So, let us lament, belatedly, the passing of the Rodham. May she rest in peace!

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