Last night’s debate?

Yeah, I suppose if you have been hiding in Saddam’s former cave for the past few years, the YouTube thing seemed cool and interesting. Getting video questions from real people? That was about as exciting as listening to AM radio.

The real excitement is Hillary Clinton — AGAIN she demonstrated her poise, intelligence, experience, and warmth. Yeah, people actually are getting to like her. If she gets any warmer, even the VRWC will be voting for her.

The Chicago Tribune called her the winner. The Washington Post — trying to keep this a battle — called both Edwards and Hillary the winners. By doing so, de facto they made Hillary the winner. (Get real, you Edwardians out there — Johnny is not coming home to the White House. Except to visit.) So the only winning that “counts” is what Hillary accomplished last night.

More importantly, her would-be replacement, Barack Obama, again underwhelmed under the bright lights where it’s supposed to count. Remember this guy was once on fire? He was going to catapult himself and his anti-war charisma into the lead. Does anyone remember that? Months later, the only thing out there burning is Obama himself — as in burnt toast. And Hillary is the sweet jam.

Remember when Obama declared his intentions to run, the ABC (Anybody But Clinton) crowd were declaring Hillary DOA. The reason they could be so wrong is that their ideology blinded them to Hillary’s real strengths. Locally, we had Democratic leaders like Lynn Chong and Beth Arsenault digging Hillary’s grave in the local papers.

Remember our own prediction that Obama’s entry as a serious candidate would only help Hillary — make her work harder for the nomination so that she will be even better prepared for the general election?

All that is coming true. And it can only get better for Hillary. . . .

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