I ran into this post today from someone in the Edwards campaign.

They are totally clueless when it comes to Hillary. They want to know why she is doing so well in the polls. “What is it about her?” they wonder.

There’s one word for it —


Hillary has been a leader all her life. Agree or disagree on specific issues, people still sense that she is smart, capable, experienced, someone who gets things done, someone who possesses the inner strength and vision needed to take this country back from the Republicans and put us on our proper course again.

Leadership. That’s what she offers that the others do not.

Edwards doesn’t have it and never will. Obama is close but not quite ready. And the rest of the candidates, with perhaps the exception of Richardson, just don’t have the personal firepower and inner strength needed to lead a nation.

Hillary has it, and people instinctively know it. That’s why she’s leading in the polls.

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