It’s hard to play hardball politics these days without vast sums of cash at a candidate’s disposal. In that respect Obama has proven that he knows how to raise money from lots of far left Democrats who want ABC (Anybody But Clinton).

What’s not yet clear is whether or not Obama knows how to translate all that cash into primary victories — or at least the anticipation of victories to come.

In the latest South Carolina poll by the American Research Group, Obama still trails front-runner Hillary Clinton by a daunting margin. As noted in the AngusReid Global Monitor, Hillary is first with 37 per cent, followed by former North Carolina senator John Edwards with 22 per cent, and Illinois senator Barack Obama with 21 per cent.

That’s the second major primary poll within the past week in which Hillary trounced Obama. Sooner or later, the big donors will abandon the senator from Illinois and get on the former First Lady’s bandwagon. The far left anti-war drones — maybe all 250,000 who have contributed to Obama’s campaign — will continue to contribute to a losing cause.

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