As the saying goes, if a lie is repeated often enough, the public will eventually come to believe it.

One of those lies — repeated again and again by far right political talking heads — is the characterization of Hillary Clinton as a cold, impersonal woman. Unfortunately, many voters have consequently formed that impression of Hillary.

The editor of the Hillary Clinton Quarterly, Frank Marafiote, personally witnessed First Lady Hillary Clinton’s inpromptu visit with a friend in Concord, NH. This was not a campaign event or a scripted media opportunity. In fact, most of the national press corps was not even aware that she had left the New Hampshire State House for a quick walk up North State Street. Frank was one of the few invited to go along.

The following is a link to a recording of an interview Frank did with Boston Public Radio on January 29, 2007, describing what he saw and heard. I think that anyone who listens with an open mind will recognize Hillary’s genuineness and warmth.

Hillary Visits with a Friend in Concord, NH (After saving file, open with Windows Media Player or other mp3 player.)

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