Leave it to Fox News to feed the anti-Hillary VRWC (vast right wing conspiracy) with scraps of tainted meat, only to yank it all back before they have time to digest it.

This time the “meat” is Bill Clinton’s money, specifically the $27 million he’s made in overseas speaking engagements. The anti-Hillary crowd fears that Hillary will tap into this unregulated largesse in order to buy her way into the White House.

After sounding the alarm over this hypothetical scenario during the first two-thirds of its story, Fox News then backs off and says “well, nevermind, we don’t think she’d really do that” and offers this insight from Brookings Institute scholar Stephen Hess:

“The Clintons will not dip into their own money,” predicted Hess, who has worked in both Republican and Democratic administrations. “They’re a virtual fundraising machine, and have been for two decades. They don’t start from scratch. They start from a Rolodex of people who have been contributing to them for many, many years.”

So, does Hillary need Bill’s money? It seems not. According to the candidates’ financial reports, Hillary has raised $36 million and had $30.9 million in hand at the end of March. Barack Obama is the candidate closest to her in fundraising and had raised $25.7 million and had $19.1 million in hand.

Whew! Glad Fox News straightened us out on that issue.

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