As we were looking through past issues of the Hillary Clinton Quarterly, we came upon this rather nasty comment by Tony Snow about then-First Lady Hillary Clinton. Now that he’s George Bush’s press secretary, I wonder if Tony would stand by his “control freak” comment?

Here’s what we reported in our Detritus column back in the Winter, 1994 issue:

Are you now, or have you ever been, a control freak Mrs. Clinton?Tony Snow is suddenly all over the place. A conservative USA Today columnist, he’s also shown up on the McLaughlin Group, and fills in for Rush Limbaugh when the Big Guy is out stomping on feminists.

In his reasoned, quiet way, Tony told us that Hillary should “be a more traditional First Lady, keep quiet, and stay out of controversies.” Although he thinks the First Advisor can help out on issues such as rebuilding urban families, “the problem with Hillary is that she’s a control freak. She feels one solution will apply to all people. The election was a referendum on individual liberty.”

We don’t know about Hillary’s unquenchable desire to control the universe and everything in it, but we do know that one of the problems with her health care plan was that it offered too many — not too few — options. We just haven’t seen any real examples of the “one size fits all” mentality people ascribe to her.

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