A few weeks ago we wrote about the tragic conditions in Philadelphia, where 52 kids had either been murdered or were abused and died under questionable circumstances while under the care of the city Division of Human Services. Since we wrote about that story, we understand that at least another three Philly DHS kids have died.

Now there’s a story in our local New Hampshire paper about a situation that could lead to the same shameful results. The State of New Hampshire Division of Health and Human Services has stiffed the non-profit groups that provide care to abused and neglected kids in the amount of some $4 million. In a larger state that might not seem like a lot of money, but in New Hampshire that is a huge amount.

How does this story tie into the “Philadelphia Story?” It’s pretty simple. The care-givers rely on the state for funding. When adequate funding isn’t there, corners are cut, care is reduced, paperwork doesn’t get done or gets lost (as in the Philly case), staff hours are cut back. All of this puts the kids at increased risk for abuse or neglect.

New Hampshire has been known for its penny-pinching ways when it comes to caring for anyone who needs help (kids, the elderly, the mentally ill, etc.). Some of the gutless wonders in our state legislature — afraid that fully funding these programs will result in higher taxes — would rather risk having blood on their hands than losing the next political race.

Governor John Lynch, a Democrat, and his staff have not commented on this issue, perhaps wishing it will go away on its own. You can read the full story about state funding for abused kids here.

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