It’s obvious from today’s post-debate analysis that Hillary was the only candidate to show a real maturity and full understanding of the challenges of health care reform.

While Obama and Edwards were playing a juvenile game of health care policy tic-tac, Hillary laid out the real issue:

“The most important thing,” she said, “is not the plan” because “there are only a few ways to do this.” What’s important, she said, is having “a broad coalition of business and labor, doctors, nurses, hospitals — everybody standing firm when the inevitable attacks come from the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies that don’t want to change the system because they make so much money out of it.”

Wondering why she knows this so well?

Read Who Killed Hillary Clinton’s Health Care Reform?

I think Hillary learned her lesson well from that experience and is the only Democratic candidate who knows the tactical moves necessary to deal with the health care bureaucracy.

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