While presidential candidates prepare unreadable position papers and deliver sound-bite-driven “policy speeches” about lofty issues like universal health care (Obama) and technology (Hillary), children are being murdered in our nation’s cities — and no one is doing anything about it.

The latest revelation of age-related genocide comes from the “City of Brotherly Love.” The Philadelphia media reported today that while under the “care” of the city’s Division of Human Services, 52 children died. Twenty of those children were murdered. Dozens more were abused. Twelve died because they were accidentally suffocated in their sleep by an adult.

According to the report, city pathologists could not determine the cause of death for eight other children, but seven of these had previously been beaten up or injured in intentional assaults.

A panel that reviewed the deaths said that “preventable deaths were the worst result of widespread inadequacies: confusion about when a child was in danger, too few meetings with children, supervisors who failed to supervise, and arbitrary decision-making.”

Is the city bureaucracy, via its cadre of poorly-trained, poorly-supervised, and incompetent social workers, responsible for the murder of these children?

Read this indictment of the remarkable ineptitude behind this tragedy: “Of the 52 deaths, DHS had no files for five victims. Two files had been expunged; three had been lost. The remaining files were often a jumbled and mislabled mess in which some documents were duplicated and others missing entirely. Case information was ‘disorganized, internally inconsistent and incomplete,’ the panel found. ”

More information about this DHS report can be found here.

Hillary, Obama, Edwards, all you bleeding heart liberals out there, if you really “care about the children,” then you will call for more than just a paper review of this genocide, which is all this report does. It reviews the paperwork. Those kids deserve more. Someone needs to be held responsible. The social workers, their bosses, and, ultimately, Mayor John Street.

Nothing will change until the people we entrust to look after the poorest of our children believe that the world cares about what they are doing — and not doing.

Let’s see who really cares about this nation’s kids.

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