From time-to time we plan to pull out and republish a juicy quote from the printed edition of  Hillary Clinton Quarterly. Guess the right author and the original date of publications and win a handsome “Hillary for President” T-Shirt 

“Here’s a Whitewater quiz. Who said, ‘The people want the members of Congress to be concerned about the problems that affect them, and Whitewater does not affect them.’ 

Now identify—and this is not a trick question—the baritone in the Whitewater political opera who was a character witness for a mob-connected nightclub owner.

And who once got into trouble for a business deal put together by his wife?

 What’s stunning is the ease with which this gang has pulled off their self-righteous shtick. You have to admire the GOPers; they do shamelessness so damn well.”

Who put those quotes together and where and when did this quote originally appear?

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