March/April 2007 Cover Image

Yankee Magazine has always been one of my favorites. I think they’ve been around since the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock. They’ve been worthy guardians of that sometimes elusive but much-coveted New England lifestyle many of us come here to find.

They put out a great magazine, newly redesigned so that even older eyes like mine can read that flinty black type. Their editors are top-notch and they rarely make mistakes (redirecting Mary’s Farm from the back to the middle of the new design was a forgivable error of judgment, quickly corrected.)

Maybe there’s a little bit of the Steve Forbes political itch in Yankee’s publisher, Jamie Trowbridge, but he got himself talked into a promotion by the New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism tied around the idea of the New Hampshire political primary.

The plan was to create both a Web site and an extensive press kit directing campaigns and media to the best locations for campaign stops, announcements and interviews. Another component was to be a podcast, developed with Yankee Magazine, that would follow a fictional presidential candidate around the state.

Not a good idea, guys. I did that “Oh, please, no!” cringe when I first heard about it. Politicians might sometimes resemble trees and we might often want them to “leave,” but a presidential primary is not the same as leaf-peeping. As reported by the Associated Press, the Pooh-Bahs at the state house got wind of the idea and promptly killed it.

Given its chances of really doing much for either State revenues or the sponsors’ bank accounts, consider this a mercy killing.

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