New Hampshire Republican Rep. Steve Vallaincourt, who unsuccessfully tried to get New Hampshire Democratic Party chairman, Ray Buckley, arrested on kiddie porn charges, is still stalking Mr. Buckley.

Vaillaincourt, who should have been sued and/or prosecuted by the AG’s office for making false claims against Buckley, is shown here harassing Union Leader reporter, Tom Fahey, for not being more aggressive in going after Buckley.

Some local bloggers think that chasing Fahey around a desk with a camera was a noble effort to keep our media honest.

Under most circumstances, this would just be another case of local political juvenilia. However, these are not normal circumstances by any means, with presidential candidates crisscrossing the state. And while Buckley’s crude behavior should give any serious presidential candidate (hint, Hillary!) reservations about having political connections to him, Steve Vallaincourt is developing a reputation as a sick man with a powerful, destructive obsession.

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