It started the day Hillary announced her candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination. Far left Democrats in New Hampshire, specifically Belknap County chair Lynn Chong and state representative Beth Arsenault, came out publicly to proclaim Hillary’s campaign DOA. The reason? Hillary’s refusal to “repudiate” her vote on the Iraq war. (See our story New Hampshire Democrats Trash Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Announcement.)

Just yesterday, that bastion of liberalism, The Washington Post, ran a column by Dana Milbank accusing the New York Senator of being trivial and trite. Milbank labelled Hillary “Candidate Cliche,” citing phrases from her March 8 speech at the Center for American Progress.

Milbank failed to mention that Hillary had also made a substantive proposal, the “G.I. Bill of Rights,” which was reported by Associated Press, Newsday, The New York Sun, and the Los Angeles Times. (See the AP story here.)

There can be little doubt that this negative coverage from so-called “progressives” and liberal media outlets is payback for Hillary’s refusal to morph into John Edwards.  We can at least hope that New Hampshire independents, who can vote in the Democratic primary, will once again save the Democrats from themselves. Last time the progressives were ready to self-immolate on the altar of Howard Dean. This time it is ABH (Anybody But Hillary).