Infamous former weapons inspector, Scott Ritter, has been making the rounds in New Hampshire recently plugging his new book, Target Iran: The Truth About the White House’s Plans for Regime Change. His premise is that President Bush is within a nanosecond of launching a military strike against one of the world’s evil empires, i.e. Iran.

Along with his passionate Bush-bashing (which does not offend us terribly), Ritter is also using his soapbox as an opportunity to target Hillary Clinton. The following is our transcription of part of an hour-long interview he gave yesterday to New Hampshire Public Radio.

You can access the entire NHPR audio here.

Scott Ritter:

“Ask Hillary Clinton to define why Iran is a threat. She can’t go further than they have a nuclear weapons program, they’ve articulated anti-Israeli statements, and they are state sponsors of terrorism. Ask her to parse that out even further and she falls apart.

This is a woman who wants to be the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America, to lead Americans in times of war and peace, and she can’t actually tell you why Iran is a threat beyond the rhetoric the Bush Administration has put out there prior to her.

Ask Hillary Clinton about nuclear energy, nuclear weapons, nuclear enrichment. See what depth of knowledge and understanding she has and you’ll find out she has very little.

So why do we give her words credence therefore when she stands there and says, ‘All options must remain on the table’? Here’s an option that needs to be on the table, Hillary: diplomacy!”