Those of you who know our background are aware that we have been writing about Hillary Clinton for well over 15 years. Not everything we have written has been greeted with open arms by Mrs. Clinton or her staff. Several times we received calls from the White House complaining about a story we did or were planning (and did) publish.

There have been numerous times when her ideological stubbornness has led her down the wrong path, and we have said so. We don’t think Hillary Clinton walks on water. (Aside from the good Lord, do you know someone who does?)

On the other hand, we have been astounded by the falacious, viscious stuff that has been said and written about her. When we could, we’ve batted down some of the more outrageous stories. But many of them seem to have a life of their own, primarily because the vast right-wing conspiracy and the media flacks who do their bidding know it is in their best interest to keep fanning the flames. So they do.

We are under no illusion that those who have a deep-seated hatred for Hillary Clinton will EVER change their minds. Some people, I imagine, still think the world is flat, too. But if you are one of those people who is still making up your mind, or you would just like some real information about Hillary, you need to read this article: Myths and Falsehoods about Hillary Clinton.

As my Hillary Clinton Quarterly co-editor, Frank Marafiote, is fond of saying, “Opinions don’t change facts.” So here are a few facts about Hillary worth considering.