First, I have to stop laughing. Hitting these keys while rolling off my plush office chair in hysterics isn’t easy. But I will try.

What’s so funny?

Newt Gingrich, who was veritably voted out of office and BANNED from the White House for being one of the nastiest men ever to be Speaker, has called Hillary Clinton “nasty.” Imagine. Someone other than Newt and the Right-Wing might be nasty. Go figure.

One of the major hairs across that Packaderm’s Montana-sized ass was that Bill Clinton knew how to fight back. After years of picking on pols they considered political wimps — Humphrey, McGovern, Carter, Mondale, Dukakis — they ran into Bill and Hillary. Instead of running for cover, the Clintons fought back. Hard.

Not every encounter with the Right Wing was a Big D victory, but inevitably the Clintons dusted themselves off and came back and won the War. So we enjoyed watching Newt heading home, Clinton being re-elected, Hillary going on to a great term in the US Senate, getting re-elected, and now being poised to run for President.

No wonder Newt had to take a jab at Hillary today. For one thing, he’s jealous that she knows how to play — and can win — playing political games better than he can. That was supposed to be one of his assets. I also suspect that with his name quickly fading from everyone’s radar screen, he has latched onto Hillary’s petticoats just to stay in the picture.

It doesn’t get more pathetic that this. But given Newt’s ego, I suspect it will.