New Hampshire Governor John Lynch is sticking to his guns and refusing to budge on changing New Hampshire’s primary rules. According to an article in Foster’s Daily Democrat, Lynch was approached by Iowa Governor Chet Culver about the issue.

Lynch told the Iowa governor that New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner will decide when the primary will be held and that he, Lynch, will support Gardner’s decision.

According to the news story, politicians in Iowa are afraid that New Hampshire will schedule its primary ahead of Iowa’s caucuses. There is actually a good chance that will happen, according to some political insiders.

Lynch, appearing on C-SPAN Saturday morning, said New Hampshire should retain its lock as the first primary state, and contests in other states should be more spread out. Former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack’s departure from the presidential race Friday is proof the increasingly crowded calendar hurts qualified candidates who can’t raise the money to compete, Lynch said.

For another perspective on New Hampshire’s primary status, see Syrup Sucking Squirrel-Watchers in the Hillary Clinton Quarterly.

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