I ran into this post from PeoriaPundit.com warning Obama Backers: Beware Hillary’s Wrath and was amused at how little of the Clinton history some journalists really know. This particular blogger compared Hillary’s tactics to Nixon’s.


I guess if you can’t find an original scapegoat, good old Tricky Dicky is the next best thing. In reality, I think the Clintons learned something about handling “evil men and women” from their own enemies. And, unlike Nixon, these are not hallucinogenic phantasms, but real living creeps (Get it? Nixon, Creep”?).

My own experience with the low-ball antics of Hillary’s enemies came when Frank and I were first starting the Hillary Clinton Quarterly back in 1992. There was some publicity about us in the Little Rock Democrat-Gazette before we came out with the first issue. The phone never stopped ringing and many of the callers were from Little Rock. Among others, we were beseiged by the likes of Larry Case and Larry Nichols (the infamous Two Larry’s), both of whom were obsessed with destroying the Clintons. We found it interesting that people like John Fund and “respectable” media like the Wall Street Journal were complicit in their attacks.

You can read a scary but fascinating interview we had with Larry Case in HCQ: Sleaze for Sale: How Hillary Clinton’s Enemies Use the Media.

So, if Hillary’s campaign team is quick to play political hardball, it might not always be the smartest politics (see our post on Obamagate), but there’s some justification for it.

(I was about to say “in the final analysis,” but it is a little early for that.) I’ll just wish VERY STRONGLY (!) that once the Democrats have a nominee, they do pull together to prevent the Bush successors from keeping control of the White House. I think they will.

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