The other day I had a chance to ask a good friend around here, New Hampshire State Rep Gail Morrison, about the Belknap County Democratic Chair Lynn Chong. Chong, you might remember from these pages, greeted Hillary Clinton’s campaign announcement with all the enthusiasm of someone who’s been told she’s contracted West Nile Virus.

“I love Lynn,” said Gail. “It’s just that she’s from the progressive part of the Democrats.”

Up here, that means socialism, world isolationism, hairy armpits, and probably no running water or indoor plumbing. If you are familiar with the Route 3 corridor from Nashua north, it is hard to imagine the woodsy reactionism of some Democrats north of the Lakes. Someone like Hillary Clinton is simply not liberal enough for them. Most of them are Una Bombers who haven’t gotten into trouble yet.

As for Gail, she is a terrific woman, a good friend to everyone. I asked her if anyone in that Belknap County Democratic contingent was friendly towards Hillary, she said to tell the Citizen to call her. Get that, Citizen??? Call State Rep Gail Morrison from Sanbornton if you want someone to say nice things about Hillary.

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