It’s gotta be tough being president and having approval ratings reaching Nixonian lows. What I didn’t expect from tonight’s State of the Union speech, however, was George Bush sounding so sad that even I felt pity for him. Worried, even. Did you hear him? Sad, sad, sad. I wanted to cry (but then my dog, Chance, was in the same room and I didn’t want HIM to worry).

I can only hope that Laura is keeping an eye on the president. We knew going into it that the state of the Union sucked, but I was at least hoping for one of those “let’s pretend the sun is shining and I’m a good guy” speeches. Instead, I heard a president who sounded like that drugged Indian guy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. I wanted to cry. OK, I DID cry. (There, I said it!)

Poor George!

(Are you smiling up there, Anne Richards?)

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