Who wouldn’t agree that it’s finally time for Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan to go?

Greenspan has been hanging around Washington longer than the Jefferson Memorial. Pigeons have started roosting in his hair. There might have been a time when his “handling” of interest rates and the economy was non-partisan, but those days are long past. I fear he’s caught the same disease that disabled the thinking of a certain former president, aka the “Great Communicator.”

Lest we forget, Greenspan supported the Bush tax cuts. He would like us to forget about the cuts because they have done absolutely nothing to stimulate the economy. What they have done is stimulate the salivary glands of a bunch of rich people.

Today, Hillary called him on it. According to the AP story. . . .

Alan Greenspan and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton clashed briefly Tuesday over rosy surplus forecasts the Federal Reserve Chairman relied on to support President President Bush’s 2001 tax cuts, estimates that turned out to be considerably off the mark.

‘It turns out that we were all wrong,’ Greenspan conceded at a Senate hearing.

‘Just for the record, we were not all wrong, but many people were wrong,’ Clinton, D-N.Y., quickly shot back.

Way to go, Hillary!!!

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