You might recall that President Bush named three countries as part of an “axis of evil.” That group included Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. The first one we invaded, overthrew their despotic government, and have occupied the country for almost two years.

Within the last 24 hours, two of Bush’s other targets, Iran and North Korea, have announced that either they now have nuclear weapons (North Korea) or are determined to make nuclear weapons (Iran). Both countries, in public statements today, said they were doing so in order to protect themselves from a “hostile” America, which has directly threatened to take military action against those countries if necessary.

Now, if you were North Korea or Iran and saw what happened to Iraq, would you roll over and let the Americans overthrow your despotic regime, or would you in a last-ditch effort at self-preservation, do whatever you can to make yourself invulnerable to attack? I know what I would do. Gimme those nukes and at least a chance to scare off the big bad capitalist monster trying to rule the world (that is their sentiment, btw, not mine).

If that is the case, President Bush has done exactly the wrong thing if he had any hope of disarming those countries. His policies have had the opposite effect and driven two mad governments into the nuclear “family.” Thank you, Mr. President.

One other point. Both North Korea and Iran know the US will not attack if they have nuclear weapons — and we won’t. Which leads to this important insight from Rake (remember, you read it here first!) —

The ONLY reason Bush was brazen enough to attack Iraq was that HE KNEW THEY HAD NO WMD.

President Bush took a lot of heat for not finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which was his stated reason for attacking that country. Of course, when no WMD was found, the President blamed the intelligence community. Rake suggests that the only reason Bush had his little duel with Saddam was because he knew the evil tyrant’s gun wasn’t loaded. Taking some political heat at home was a small price to pay for having an excuse to invade and knowing we would win without a WMD catastrophe.

Hate to say it, but he’s as smart as a chimp!

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