What is it about the Democratic Party that it is so hell-bent on self-destruction?

It looks like Howard Dean, who imploded during the most recent primary season, will be selected chairman of the Democratic Party.

Oh, my.

In management consulting circles, there is such a thing called a “learning organization.” What that means is that past experience is used to adjust strategies, policies, etc., so that past mistakes are not repeated in the future. Similarly, a learning organization learns from its successes and tries to replicate those successes in the future.

If nothing else, Bill Clinton’s legacy to the Democrats is that you CAN WIN if you campaign and govern from the middle of the political spectrum. Extremism has always been a losing hand for the Democrats. As a former McCarthy and McGovern supporter, I can vouch for that.

To put the party in Dean’s hand might — at best — be a 30-year plan to take over the federal government. I’ll be dead by then and most of you who are reading this will be old enough to have made the inevitable swing from trendy progressive, to aging, conservative Republicans. In other words, it will be too late.

— Rake  

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